Be at Ease (REPOST)

Struggle, for the most part, leads us to interest in spirituality, self-help, yoga, and all similar methods, techniques, and bodies of wisdom we have today.

It's a particular kind of struggle, different than trying to find a parking space on a crowded city street.

It's the struggle with making sense of and feeling at ease in our human existence.

We start reading a little, taking this and that workshop, doing a little yoga, a little pranayama, doing a little service. Some peace comes, some happiness, and some joy. The struggle becomes a little less.

Struggle, however, can't be practiced away. It can't be learned away. We can get our PhDs in self-help and spirituality and we can go a great distance toward realizing inner peace but we will, eventually, encounter the problem of the last mile.

The problem of the last mile has to do with building intricate systems (like religion) to lead us toward a particular outcome (like enlightenment), only to find when we are just about to reach the goal that those systems do not help in those last few, critical inches it takes to get there, almost rendering all of those systems useless.

We have to build complexity to realize simplicity is the answer.

At this point, if we are willing to move forward, the desire to strip away burns strong. To release desire. Release possessions. Release practice. Release learning. Release the very concept of who we are.

This is 100% the reverse of building. It's deconstruction. Where we move in the direction of becoming less and less, smaller and smaller, until the concept of "I" is completely cancelled out.