Piña Coladas

Can you really know that feeling better is what you need right now?

There are the every day aches and pains, which are almost all akin to getting too close to a hot flame. Slight warnings that you are on the verge of injury.

Then there are the lingering identity and existential struggles, physical problems, and further beyond that, total catastrophes and melt downs.

In all cases, especially the latter, we tend to want to get rid of the pain or trouble as soon as possible. We treat it as a foreign invader with hostile intent. It's an unwelcome guest. Fierce defense. Quick retribution and most of all, exclusion are our go to strategies.

All certain tactics to make the volume louder either now or in the future.

Why not see difficulty as one of several ingredients in a recipe that is serving you this current day and experience?

In this way, it becomes neutral, neither good nor bad. Those labels have more to do with our preferences for bitter or sweet, not with the actual content in question. The content is neutral, our understanding of it is biased.

What if we adjusted our preference to prefer what is happening? Is there any other choice?

What if we can learn to love, meaning accept, maybe even appreciate the moment and whatever is contained in it?

What if we can start to see the beauty of all seasons, not just the ones that make us feel the best?

Then we naturally start to become more balanced, less reactive, and more embracing.

We may even start to see that whatever it is we are experiencing, especially what we would wish away, is actually preferable to sipping piña colada on a beach in Bali.