What Do I Do?

In times of crisis and transition it might be the number one question we ask ourselves.

Doing is the go to strategy because we feel it will immediately solve the problem, and we tend to like quick fixes. The thing is: moving from one phase to the next is not like having a broken bone—an immediate and urgent repair is not what is required nor what will help.

You might try reading the question backwards. Do I do what?

Instead of reacting, we can be with. Be with all of the uncertainty and difficult questions, as well as the uncomfortable internal responses they elicit. That means welcome, open the door, and set a place at the table for your overnight guest.

Rest assured, in time and with patience — when you are ready — the way forward is made clear. And you might then start asking, do what? The way forward you now understand could be surprising, it's different than what you expected.

Do I do what?

Yes, you might just have to do that.