The spiritual path is a path fundamentally defined by undoing. Letting go. Removing. It crisscrosses from the gross to refined levels in a kind of ascending, spiral staircase manner.

At every level and every rotation, it is your attachments that are being inspected and loosened. Attachments to people, to places, to things, to habits, and especially to beliefs.

On a gross level, that could mean a marriage or job. On a refined level, that could mean an understanding of who you are.

If the attachment is being removed — and you'll know it when it is because it hurts — it is blocking the road. Sometimes it feels like punishment but there is no such thing.

We punish ourselves by trying to cling to the attachment and by fighting for "what's right." Not only do we suffer but we remain stuck in the familiar.

Behind every attachment is a belief about the way things should be. Those beliefs cause separation, mainly between you as observer and the thing as subject.

If I believe vegetarianism is right, I become an I, and those who disagree, become other.

In reality, vegetarianism is both right and wrong (you can find useful and harmful applications) and so neither absolutely. Every belief is like that.

If I am attached to my beliefs, i.e., I hold them as absolutely true about this or that particular way, watch how life will conspire to inform you otherwise.

We are trying to reduce the I to nothing. Then we get free.