It's Not Personal

But it feels personal.

"It" means people and circumstances that bother you, get under your skin, or worse.

It's not personal because few among us know what they are doing. For better or worse, most blindly react to their inner experience, which is typically informed by unconscious patterns from a past that is often filled with ignorance and trauma.

What is personal is the fact that this thing is happening to you. It means something. It has something to do with your learning. And it has something to do with seeds you, yourself have planted.

Let the other person or situation off the hook, which does not necessarily entail cowing to injustice.

It means being observant of the egoistic impulse to blame, curse, fire arrows back, or otherwise assert your superiority and knowledge of what is best.

There is no best other than what's happening right now. This is the best thing that can happen to you because there is no other option, despite the mind's belief to the contrary.

With enough practice, when arrows are flung at us, our knowledge and compassion will melt them before they have the opportunity to wound.

That is the ultimate defence.