A Mark of Mastery

Equanimity is one of the clearest marks of mastery in any discipline.

Equanimity means I am always the same. It means we have grown, through wisdom, immune to the constant seasons of change and constant up-down and in between swings.

Good experience flows through us, bad experience flows through us. There is no particular preference for either. We understand both are essentially the same—you can find traces of the bad in the good and the good in the bad.

Similarly, we realise what we have to share is neither good nor bad. Your negativity could be another's source of inspiration, and your inspiration could be another's source of negativity.

Worry ends. Trying ends. 

Trying means we are preferring one outcome over the other, which means we are believing in the truth of "superior" and "inferior."

You can't have superior without inferior and vice versa. Both are inherently valuable and inextricably married to one another, as is every other dichotomy in duality.

We learn to love both equally. And so we profoundly relax. Our wills no longer need to work so hard to make it.

With our wills relaxed, tolerance increases, as does compassion. And from here, we create wonders.