Making It

Great fortune can extinguish the fire of discontent. We seek great fortune to do just that. Success. Fame. Notoriety.

Proudly planting our flag at the top of the mountain, we declare, "I've made it. From here, everything will be OK."

While the journey you took was commendable and many obstacles, requiring skill, were overcome, we want to be careful of the sense of security that results from outside accomplishment, or "making it."

Our pursuit of success was driven by feeling insecure and a desire to remove the feeling.

But, nobody can escape death. Nobody can escape the fact that all our achievements will be for naught in the end, where once again the inherent insecurity of living in a world defined by the birth-life-death cycle is revealed.

If we yearn for truth, freedom, and transcending this frustrating cycle, we have our work cut out for us. While wins along the way should be acknowledged and celebrated, the skilled practitioner understands everything can be taken away in an instant. She remains humble and unaffected.

She holds on to the fire of discontent burning inside that beckons and calls to keep going until the final goal is reached and only peace remains. Step by step by step, in faith.