Zero Growth

The modern mind is obsessed with growth. Goals. Targets. Making ideas happen.

"How are you?" can often be phrased as, "Are you keeping busy?"

The modern mind feels lost and afraid of a chaotic, uncontrollable environment that, above all, encourages being over doing.

In ignorance, it then adopts endless tasks and projects to prevent from coming into contact with this underlying anxiety.

What is wrong with relating to and loving people outside of their titles and achievements? Do you reserve any the less for an adoring cat or dog who sleeps the majority of the day?

Titles and achievements communicate a false sense of security, "See how much I can do? I am special and different than everybody else."

What if we considered a striking thought from the Japanese organic farmer, Masanobu Fukuoka, "What's wrong with a growth rate of 0%? Isn't this a stable kind of economics?"

You might say that things in nature "grow?" But is this so? What can truly grow that is subject to the birth-death cycle? If something comes, stays awhile, and then goes away, doesn't that trajectory resemble a circle or a zero?

Everything returns to zero.

If we let this philosophy penetrate our understanding, we realise there is nothing we can really do since what is done, eventually becomes undone. We slow (way) down. We focus on the moment. We focus on love, and on kindness for its own sake. Gone is the anxious need to constantly prove and define ourselves.

What remains is the naked self. The same naked self you see in the sky, in the tree, and in the plant.