Today's Full Moon

A long-time friend and evolutionary astrologer, Ulrich Bold from, shared this with me about today's Full Moon. Ever so slightly edited. 

Today is a very special day, astrologically speaking.

Today's full moon in the sign of Aries brings to polarisation what was seeded two weeks ago during the new moon in Libra. Aries-Libra is the astrological axis of "I-you."

On the one side, one's need to be independent acting on one's impulses of self, while on the other side, simultaneously feeling the need for social balance with other(s)—not only as a mirror for self-recognition, but for remembering the lesson that "giving is receiving." Yet, often this paradox goes through extremes (Libra), up the the extent of "I need to be needed" and all forms of psychological "alter ego."

Thereby, today's full moon in Aries with the sun in Libra, reveal also a deeper issue—one that was planted into consciousness in the beginning of April of this year, when there was the new moon on the sign of Aries.

Thus for each of us those seeds from half a year ago, come to full blossom/recognition today, often by high emotional tension and/or polarisation in the "I-you" experience.

Simultaneously, a most important astrological shift occurs today in the sky. The planetary rulers of Aries and Libra — Mars and Venus — conjunct each other in the sign of Virgo (19°), as if Venus were sitting on Mars' lap. Thereby, they symbolize the beginning of a completely new cycle from today on.

For over the last year and a half, Venus in the sky was "behind" Mars, in a "balsamic phase," or as I call it, in a "Buddha phase."

That means old, unresolved dynamics from the past (including past lives) were put out of the archives of our subconscious and back into our face, in order to resolve them peacefully. Buddha phase because one shall not re-act to the stimuli in old subconscious ways, but remain peacefully centered like a Buddha, i.e., allowing the rain clouds to come, to rain and to pass—while one remains present, non-attached, and non-judgemental. Thereby resolving old patterns, especially "I-you" relationship patterns and how we validate ourselves and the world.

Unfortunately, during such balsamic or "Buddha" phase, we tend to re-act in the old patterns subconsciously known from the past that wants to be released in that phase. But no sweats, if we didn't master it all the way. "He who has no mistakes shall throw the first rock."

Today, while Venus is with Mars, we can simply smile and shine away the old, the errors in our mind, and thus in others — it's called compassion and forgiveness — and in doing so, embrace the holy moment of a new, thus innocent beginning in our peaceful mind of the new Venus-Mars-cycle, which stands for:

a) how we relate to and value our heart, its gifts and longings;

b) how we behold those closest to us but also other people; and

c) our relationships, be it with our intimate partner and friends, be it with our customers, clients, students, or strangers. The more we embrace our Divine Source within, the more we light each of our relationships in this world of duality and become what each of us has always been—a Son of God.