And Then What?

There is a relatively common dream many of us find ourselves attracted to. It is the dream of "success," as defined through partnership and family, as well as career and money, perhaps with a sprinkling of social standing thrown in.

A noble pursuit to be sure, yet some begin to ask, "And then what?" What comes after the acquisition of these things? Mostly, the enjoyment of them while they last and then, death.

By honestly asking this question without cynicism, it means you have a hunch there must be something else. In other words, acquisition and enjoyment of things somehow falls short on your intuitive sense of what success means, or what is possible.

There is something else. The escape from the birth-life-death cycle, which frees us from the throes of duality and puts us in touch with the true sources of happiness and security. Also known as coming back home, atoning, becoming one or self-realised.

Enough lives lived for external measures of success, creates a yearning to explore the inner world. It is beguiling to be in the presence of loved ones, to have a full bank account, and enjoy a relative amount of freedom and still feel something is missing.

If listened to, that frustration will prepare you to step off the Ferris wheel and into the Real.