The Innocent Mind

Every vestibule of anxiety's intricate pathology leads to a thinking mind plus a consciousness that "latches" onto the thinking, treating it as real and personal.

This is a that. That is a this. I should have done this. He shouldn't have done that.

Thoughts about future. Thoughts about past. Thoughts about what's happening now. Done long enough, entire personalities and thought-based identities form, creating the right conditions of our Great Undoing.

The trick, practice, and skill is avoiding latching onto the thinking mind. There are many ways, as laid out by all the various spiritual teachings and teachers throughout the world and ages. All share a common denominator however, awareness.

Becoming aware — over and over and over again — that you are latching onto your thoughts is what prevents you from letting them take you away. Slowly, then, you separate from the unreal and condition yourself to the Real.

In the final stages of the process, as you move progressively closer to The Innocent Mind or the mind void of thinking, story, and interpretation, the joy of being naturally emerges.

The fountain of youth is Truth. That's what you've found. And now you know an inexhaustible supply of gratitude, peace, and fulfillment.