Building vs. Being

Why be a somebody, when you can be a nobody?

When you are a somebody, you build. Build up your name, material things, and sense of self.

When you are a somebody, you come and go, as nothing — nothing — you build can survive the test of time. You live a mortal life. Something is as yet unfulfilled, even if you build the world's tallest skyscraper or most financially viable organization.

When you are a nobody, you be. Realizing the vain pursuit of external treasures, the compass points within.

So you start to strip away. Removing all that stands in the way. All that is not aligned with Truth. All that is not the Real You. All the ignorance, fear, pain, and separation.

You take this to such an extent, until there is no personal strand of self left. What happens next? You merge with the vast expanse of the cosmos, that some have called the Absolute. You become immortal, incapable of going anywhere. Always here, always now.

You already were actually, but now you know that you know.