Anxiety means insufficient exhalation.

We exhale carbon dioxide, a biological waste product.

Like any waste product not properly cared for and removed, odor results.

In the case of anxiety, we look to carbon dioxide, and insufficient exhalation.

True exhalation, of the type that purges, is more than just breathing out normally. It is more forceful than that.

It is a heavy deadlift or squat. It is 30 minutes of intense yoga. It is 1 hour of meditation. It is a session of a particular form of indigenous medicine. It is working 5 hours or more outside.

It is an exhaling — or doing — movement that pushes you past and out of your holding patterns.

Sedentary lifestyle. Over consumption of constant information. Technological devices. So many forces conspire to keep us pacified.

We grow anxious.

We grow anxious not because we are afraid but because we are not embodied enough. It is an alarm bell ringing, letting us know it's time to take out the trash.