Hurt can guide the way forward.

Circumstances and people often seem to conspire against us. They show up in a way we don't expect and can't control, and can end up "hurting" us.

The hurt though it may seem similar, is not like getting bit by an animal and poses no real threat or danger. It's etheric. Non-material. It happens on the inside. It leaves no visible trace (apart from our visible reactions).

The hurt is a sudden collision between the circumstance and/or person and our expectations. It is, by in large, a purely mental process with an emotional consequence. We hurt ourselves, really.

If you expect people to be kind, genuine, and fair in all their dealings...

If you expect smooth skies for the entire journey...

The hurt when such collisions present is more a call to come back to reality. To realize phenomena are vast and varied, and that we can't control them, try as we might.

It is a call to surrender. To give up our expectations, our concepts of right and wrong, and to meet what we call unfavorable circumstances, as you would a stranger. Not with hostility but with curiosity and kindness, even.

Doing so, we learn. And in the case of wrong doing, perpetration, and the like, doing so leads us toward the solution we think we will find (but never do) by getting angry and asserting our will to make things even or right.