There is no such thing as bad luck.

Nature's medicine is bitter.

It doesn't taste good. It isn't particularly soothing. Sometimes, it's nearly impossible to swallow. But, it works. It works at the root cause and eventually, over time, heals the deepest of deepest wounds we carry.

Often, the medicine comes in the form of people, circumstances, and phenomena. A job. A spouse. A conversation. Group dynamics. Sudden, dramatic changes with respect to these things, to name a few.

These things come along and push our buttons, making us slip into our personal selves and react in anger, jealousy, sadness, competitiveness, and the like.

What is really happening in such moments however, is the surfacing of areas where we are stuck, not yet complete, or have something to realize/wake up to.

It is like an acupuncture needle hitting something that's in the way. It's painful.

And it continues to be painful if we don't drop our shoulders and relax into the discomfort, which will eventually dissolve on its own, if we let it.

But as you may know, we form attachments. We form attachments even to things that do us harm, including our own pain and painful stories from the past, which literally bring in the people, circumstances, and phenomena we chalk up to "bad luck."

There is no such thing as bad luck. Carl Jung beautifully reminds us, "When an inner situation has not been made conscious, it appears outside as fate."

In truth, bad luck is good luck. The inner situation not made conscious is reappearing to be made conscious for you to evolve and have a more harmonious experience of life.