Let the question lead you.

Our most meaningful questions are like magnets. They pull us in certain directions. Most of the time, if not all of the time, they are not meant to be answered immediately.

We get curious about something. What do I do now? Who am I, really? Why does this keep happening? That curiosity prompts us to seek out an answer. We start looking for it. Sometimes, traveling around the world.

The point of the question is the journey it leads you on. The journey prepares you for the answer. If you were to receive the answer before you were ready to understand and appreciate it, that would do you no good. It would land in your intellect alone and growth would not happen.

The asking of the question means you are ready to change into a newer you. But who asks the question, really? Similarly, what or who decides when the apple is ready to fall from the tree? What or who decides when a caterpillar is ready to become butterfly?

There are larger processes governing our evolution and maturation that we have no control over. Questions arrive more than they are asked—at exactly the right time.

Greet questions with reverence and respect. Understand they are here to usher you into a new chapter or stage of your life. Sit with the questions. See where they lead you. There is no need to forcefully try and answer them.

Let them take you on a journey where the answer will naturally reveal itself. And trust — trust — that because the question has arrived, so has the answer.