You live outside of time.

You could look at the world and all its problems (including your own) and quit. To quit means to completely resign yourself from caring and any kind of doing that might or could help. What's the point?

The thinking that brings you to this conclusion is not flawed. It's just that it won't quite sit right with you. Something urges you on. Something urges you to care. Something urges you to move toward peace.

If your calling is to help yourself, another, or the world and it is seeming like a tiny drop in a vast ocean, so be it. What helps to know is that result isn't particularly the point.

There is value in creating beauty for the sake of creating beauty.

There is value in doing what's right for the sake of doing what's right.

You do it for your own self. Your own sense of peace. Your own sense of integrity.

You do so even during the darkest nights of the soul and darkest nights of history.

You live outside of time. What matters is your adherence to truth.