Our mind makes it worse than it is.

We like to control our daily flow and routines. Nothing wrong with that. This is how we derive a sense of grounding living on a rock floating in space, in what seems like the middle of nowhere.

The problem is when those routines get disturbed by circumstances beyond our control. We lose our cool. React. Worry. Try and exert our personal willpower to fix the situation.

We suffer.

While it's close to impossible to fully control our reactions to unforeseen, undesirable circumstances, we can remember that equanimity is the key.

Content during happy times, content during sad times, content at times in between. It doesn't mean we like or willing choose for any one of these things, it means we remain removed and impartial to the range of experience.

This way, we become more like empty vessels, or like a seashore receiving waves of experience, letting waves of experience go, all the while, remaining fundamentally unchanged.

Such is the path of peace, and simplicity.