Until such time, be kind.

You suddenly overhear a comment from a conversation you're not a part of that speaks precisely to a situation or question that's been on your mind.

This is silent communication, though the channel was overt.

It's much different than directly asking a question or reading a book for an answer.

This difference is that the answer found you at exactly the right time, when you weren't looking for it.

There is an intelligence governing your life's journey. Just as there is intelligence governing the setting of the sun and the rising of the tides.

That intelligence decides when it's time to take the next step. For such and such issue to resolve. For such and such situation to heal. You can't speed this process up (except, perhaps, through earnestness of intent), nor would you really want to.

The apple drops from the tree when it is ripe enough, and not a moment sooner.

Be like that apple. Still, patient, calm. All the while, observing with curiosity what's going on around you.

Nothing stays stuck forever. Some day, maybe soon, the answer will come. The resolution will come. The change will come.

Until such time, be kind.