Bitter is better.

The truest, most potent forms of medicine there are almost always do not taste good. They are bitter and make us cringe and wince. They come in the form of life experiences (transitions, in particular), people, and even some bottled forms.

Such medicines penetrate — attack — layers of ignorance, toxicity, and ego. That's not meant to feel pleasant. The initial discomfort leads to pleasantness later, when we are free of the issue.

Unfortunately, we seek out the sweet. We seek comfort. We build walls around ourselves to maintain our personal status quo and identity. We avoid medicines that will fundamentally change us for the better.

That's one choice you can make. The result is no growth and a limited palette that only understands the basest forms of joy.

Another choice is to lower your shield. Head into discomfort. Be curious about why people keep "hurting" you in a certain way and why certain painful situations keep repeating. And to realize life is not dealing you bad hands but, instead, unhealed aspects of yourself keep dialing your number for attention.

That can be a bitter pill to swallow, i.e., the world doesn't need to change—I need to change.

The result of this choice is growth and a profound journey into being - awareness - bliss.