Keep a light alive in the darkness.

The wise do not fret about South Korea, terrorism, climate change, and the like. Their hearts might break, yes, in light of the staggering degree of violence humanity reaps upon itself needlessly but fret they do not.

The wise understand worlds come and go. Ages pass. They understand there are times of darkness and times of light in this relative reality, and always they remind us: seek the sustainable. Seek the truth.

That's what sadhana (spiritual practice) is about. Shedding layers of pain and ignorance to reveal the truth that's already there.

You and we are here to work, not to get comfortable. We are here to work on our pettiness, egoic tendencies, as well as our hurts and upsets. This, too, is sadhana.

It is good to know what's going on with world events. It is not good to let them drag you down to a point where practice stops.

Ideally, it's the opposite. World events should inspire you to go deeper into meditation, into kindness, and into your humanity.

Doing so, it is like keeping a light alive in the darkness and a potent method of transformation.