Even the thought, "I am meditating" is a story.

A story always has two sides.

If a story has two sides, then it is subject to Duality and Relativity. If the story is subject to Duality and Relativity, then its objective truth and ability to hold up over time is questionable.

We attach to our stories. I am this, I am that. I am doing this, I am going to do that. We also attach to our stories about other people. He is a this. She is a that. He did this because. And so on.

The path of peace, simplicity, and less stress will, without fail, take you to Story Dropping Way. Not necessarily dropping what you are doing but dropping your interpretation about what you are doing, and dropping your interpretation about who you are.

All of this kind of activity is in the mind. Only in the mind. The less of it we have, the freer we become.

The scary part, the part we avoid, the part we cover up with intricate webs of competing and conflicting narratives about ourselves and the world is the seeming emptiness of a life lived without definition.

Stick with that discomfort long enough and you will see it is not emptiness. It is like a silent night. Void of physical sound, full of subtle sound.

This is reality. The silence between thought. This is where eternity lives.