The water will break.

Nature, no matter how much we resist and build dams, doesn't let stagnation continue indefinitely.

At times, the breaking of the dam comes in the form of death. Most of the time though, it comes in the form of "seizure." Sudden, abrupt disbursements of energy that free the way, allowing us to move forward with greater ease.

In one way or another, we are all waiting for some dam to break in our lives. Our reaching out for help, striving, and overall sense of doing is, in effect, an effort to make things OK now. We are trying to make nature's time sync to ours.

Stress is the result. At times, worse.

Adjustment is the cure. Yes, observing something is in need of correction. Then understanding, "Every need brings in what's needed," and finally, waiting patiently for the medicine.

It's usually best not to force anything into being but to be into anything.