Leave the tech alone.

It's getting to be out of control, if not out of control already.

All the technology, its invasion into our lives, the pace of its evolution, and the pseudo need for more and more of it to create more and more "convenience."

Leave it alone. Wouldn't you say the same to a child who was picking up a cigarette or about to stick a fork in an outlet?

I think it's that serious. The issue is one of humanity. It's getting lost. Humans are becoming less and less human.

What happens when we can't focus for more than 6 seconds? What happens when we need to be constantly entertained? What happens when we spend more time online than we do outdoors?

We lose ourselves. And there is the real danger of this becoming a permanent loss if we don't bring greater attention to our habits, as well as the emotional and cultural voids that create the desire for rabid technology consumption in the first place.

There's still time to choose for humanity.


I speak from Silence.