Something has to cross the line for change to occur.

In bad relationships that need to be broken up but neither party is doing anything about it, very likely, one or the other will perpetrate some severe wrong (e.g., have an affair) that crosses the line, making it obvious the relationship needs to end.

That's not a perfect example, but it will do.

Think of what's happening in the world as those severe wrongs that will, hopefully, cause enough of us to opt-out.

If there were a keyword for 2016 and beyond, it would be that. Opt-out. Unsubscribe.

Don't waste energy in fixing inherently broken, failing systems. And bless you if you do.

Rather, invest energy in letting go of them and creating new ones in their place in line with your values.

That's scary work. For the most part, what we have been avoiding... but no longer.


I speak from Silence.