Books by C.E. Lowman

I publish archived and no longer available content from MTP as stand alone e-books. If you enjoy what you read on the blog, you will enjoy these works since they allow you to read all the posts from an entire year (or more) in one, cohesive flow where natural, unplanned themes and connections emerge.

E-books are currently available on the iBooks and Amazon stores. If you wish to purchase a PDF, contact me to make special arrangements.


Standing Innocent
Vol. 4 - 2016

The overwhelming theme for this year was equanimity.

Equanimity, a mark of wisdom, means staying put. It means not being affected by the changing seasons of the world and experience. Content in times of good fortune and content during times of sadness, I remain the same.

Frustrated by the constant swinging between up and down, happy and sad, deeper solutions are sought to help find and occupy the space in between the poles of duality.

It takes courage to journey there. To reach, means the end of suffering, the end of identity, and the end of the drama of life... where only peace remains.

While no book can give you the map to this hallowed ground, Standing Innocent will give you a scent to catch the trail.


Vol. 3 - 2015

"Everything Comes in Waves, "To Cultivate Grace, Practice Gratitude," and "Toward the End, You Can See the Beginning" are some of the exacting reminders you will find in becoming.

In typical MTP organized chaos fashion, becoming jumps this way and that but, throughout, there is a constant reminding that you have the answer you're looking for and that more than adding anything new, it is removal that is required to be free.

Removal of mental/emotional toxins, psychological patterns, excess "weight" in all forms, and the removal of the personal sense of self that fights for survival.

By becoming less, we become more. 


Pain Bears Its Cure
Vol. 2 (2013-2014)

"Every need brings in what's needed. Pain bears its cure like a child." — Rumi

These two years stay solidly focused on a fairly singular theme—healing.

More so than others, it is for those in a dark night of the soul, who are grieving, hurting, recently divorced, or generally transitioning from one place to the next, experiencing various levels of uncertainty and anxiety.

If this is you, this book is for you and while we are here, understand this groundless state you find yourself in is enviable. We are never nearer the truth of the universe, as we are when we find ourselves out to sea alone, without a life jacket. This is a time when our faith gets cultivated, our heart softens, and we mature into wiser, more compassionate people.

Nevertheless, it is also a time when we need support. Let Pain Bears Its Cure be a good friend to you and remind you of the truth you already know. Find the patience to weather this storm and learn from all it has to teach you.


Leaving the Path
Vol. 1 (2009-2012)

This archive series covers the first three years of MTP and just because it is "older," does not make it any the less relevant now.

"Every Day is a Day Less," "Give Them Your Heart," and "Your Only Job is to Love" are some of the poignant reminders you will find in Leaving the Path. 

With this book, you just might come to understand that by leaving the path you were taught to take, you wind up on the path you were meant to take—the one that will lead you exactly where you want to go.