Welcome to Moving Towards Peace, or MTP for short.

MTP is a blog published by me, C.E. Lowman, that is intended to be a source of inspiration and support for individuals pursuing spirituality, self-help, yoga, meditation, healing, and the like. In other words, it's for people who are "working on themselves" or "walking the path," i.e., trying to lessen the struggle in their lives and discover greater purpose, flow, and abiding fulfillment.

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Topics Covered

Topics covered are fairly "random" and tend to travel around serendipitously (that’s part of the fun of reading here). However, they all revolve around certain interrelated themes that include:

  • Harmony within and without

  • Subconscious patterns and habits

  • Presence, Being vs. Doing

  • Effortlessness

  • Samdarshan (see this in that and that in this)

  • Ego dissolution

  • Abiding peace & happiness

  • Relationships (with self, with other)

So many speak to me at just the right time.
— Jane, reader

Posting Schedule

I do my best to have something new for you every Wednesday and Sunday. Depending on my travel schedule and commitments, I may miss that mark. If you feel too much time has passed, kindly nudge me with a message.

How to Get Started 

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