Traveling to the Extreme

A heart attack is one of the last — extreme — warnings that something has gone awry.

In the wake of one (or serious accident and similar), we powerfully introspect and realize areas in our life we need to address.

Whether or not we address them however, is a choice. A fairly obvious one: change, or suffer another attack or potentially die.

"What Do I Do?"

It's a question we often ask ourselves when the hour is dark.

We think that knowing what to do equals feeling better, or a better life.

Nature, in most cases, does not distribute pills to immediately cure you of your ailment. Nature works slowly and gradually. Step by step by step.

To know what to do — really know — you must touch your hand against the hot stove and get burned. You must make the mistake and suffer the pain of it. Over and over and over again if need be.

It is when we cry out for help, when we are at our absolute wits' end that we have traveled far enough into the side we wish to be free from. You have to travel there.

Now we are ripe for an answer that will come in its own time, probably sooner than later.

In the meantime, can we be OK with not knowing? Definitely.