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Coin operated economics

"Coin-Operated Laundr-O-Mat"

Passing by a laundromat the other day, these words caught my eye like never before.

"That's it! That sums up it exactly," I thought to myself.

We, one of Nature's most exquisite and sublime creations, have become coin operated in the same way as clunky laundry machines.

Without the animating factor of coins and bills, we won't give of ourselves. That's just how it is.

Without money, the grocer won't give you food to eat. Without money, the landlord won't give you a room to sleep in. Without money, the doctor won't treat your cough. Without money, the barber won't give you a cut.

Such is the power we give to these silver and copper coins and green bills.

Coin operated economics is literally unnatural. Nowhere else in Nature do we see evidence of this system—the overflowing resources of this Earth are universally accessible and freely given. If there were a definition to the word kind, this would most certainly be it.

And so it can be with us, humankind.

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